Removing poster folds - possible?
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I received the REM "Automatic for the People" reissue as a gift and I'd like to frame or plaque mount the included folded poster. Can frame shops completely remove the folds? Can I do it somehow?
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The traditional method is to iron them gently. I used to work at a library that has a significant newspaper collection and, though by the time I worked there this was no longer the practice, this used to be how they prepared newspapers before binding them.

I would suggest the lowest steam setting, putting a cloth or another thickish piece of paper between the iron and your poster and also ironing it face down.
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On second thoughts, don't use the steam setting.
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No steam! But if you can, do it on a more humid day. Low heat and good quality cloth between the two (such as a sheet, not an old towel). Slowly and gently...
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If you're taking it in to be mounted, I would just let the framers do it—they will have done it before, and they'll likely use the same dry-mount press to smooth out the creases that they do to mount it. If you're framing it yourself, the iron suggestions should work fine (I wouldn't ordinarily use a lower setting or much in the way of protective cloths, but this is likely coated paper, which will be touchier than uncoated).

In neither scenario will the creases be 100% invisible though. Even on a new/pristine poster, there is going to be some wear on the creases which will show through to paper colour. Retouching inks/pencils/markers like these (don't buy B&H, it was just the easiest link) can be used to correct for that if desired, as can regular coloured pencils in a pinch.
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(personally I wouldn't be too concerned with removing the creases entirely—it's a folded poster that came with an album, doesn't seem like a problem if that's what it looks like)
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I had a topo map framed a few years ago and the creases were a bit noticeable at first, but they’re almost invisible now. The framer took care of the initial crease flattening.
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The architectural materials archivist at UC Berkeley gives creased blueprints and large-format sketches a very light misting with distilled water, spreads a sheet of tissue paper over the document, and then either leaves it laying flat for a few days or lays a big sheet of fiberboard over it to press it, depending on fragility. These are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable documents in some cases over 100 yrs old, so it's probably good for your poster.

As others have mentioned, the creases will never be 100% invisible, but that's part of the charm.
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