Recipes for a 3-qt. slow cooker?
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I enjoy using my slow cooker, but it’s hard to find recipes designed for it. Any recommendations for books/food blogs/your own recipes for a 3-quart slow cooker? No food restrictions.
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Just halve the recipes you find for a 6qt slow cooker. Just make sure your pot is 3/4 full- the cook time doesn’t change.
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I bought this book for our small slow cooker. It's not bad. I think there are several other small slow cooker cookbooks.
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I have all three of the America's Test Kitchen slow cooker cookbooks, starting with Slow Cooker Revolution. They specify cooker sizes in the recipes, but I've made many of the recipes for larger sizes with zero alterations in my 3-quart cooker and have had exactly zero problems. Plus, I've never had a single dud out of all the recipes I've tried.
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