Is this a shower arm? Shower neck? Shower torso?
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What is this piece of shower hardware called, and how do I remove it?


I removed the showerhead that was attached to the little bit of threaded pipe shown in that photo. However, the entire fixture has a crack in it, so I'm looking to replace it. That's... easy, right? I've replaced a showerhead and shower arm before but this is the first time I've seen a fixture like this. Googling for "shower arm" hasn't turned up any photos remotely like what I have.

Any idea how it might be attached to the wall and the water? Think I can just get some pliers and twist?
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That’s an odd shape. Most commonly I’ve seen just a short length of pipe, but this one looks more like a faucet/“bathtub spout”. It’s either a unitary cast piece, or it’s a cover that is attached to a pipe underneath.

I would look for a set screw, possibly hidden under a small round cover. Failing that, yeah, maybe the whole thing just screws on.
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I think that's a repurposed bathtub spout. I agree that it's probably just screwed onto a piece of pipe sticking out of the wall. Unless it's badly corroded, you can probably unscrew it by hand.
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I've lived in an apartment that had that style, like a matching shower and tub spout pair, seemed very 1980's matchy-matchy. But I'd bet they were basically identical hardware. This instructional page is about different attachment hardware that tub spouts might have but will probably be applicable to you also.
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If there's no screws on the outside, no doubt twisting it counterclockwise will work. You may need something like a strap wrench since the space to the ceiling looks a little tight. You could also try sticking a cheater pipe into the spout and turning that.
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If this is a manufactured home, it's common to have different sorts of hardware than you might find in a stick-built home.

It does look an awful lot like a bathtub spout though.
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