Relocting playlists in iTunes?
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Moving iTunes Playlists?

I just bought a new drive and have dragged music from anoter drive to it as I want all my music in one place and was out growing the other drive.

I know from experience that if I delete the original files and then try to play a playlist, the tunes won't be found.

How do I tell it to keep the playlists intact but find the files (identically named/foldered) on the other drive? Changing the location of my library in the preference doesn't do it. I'm on OS X.

Stuff used to be in A Drive => Music but is now copied to B Drive => Music
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Put the music back where it was, change the location of the library, and then choose Consolidate Library from the Advanced menu.
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I didn't move the music. I copied it.

Should I just do the consolidate thing now? What does it do, exactly?
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Crap, looks like I shoulda used consolidate from the get go. Arrrgh.

Anyway to do this without recopying? It's 180 gigs. Rather not have to do it again.
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If your music was moved en masse with the same folder relationships, and if you can do a text search-and-replace, you can do this.

Look for the file iTunes Music Library.xml. (You may have already moved it to the new drive.) With iTunes closed, copy this file, open it with a text editor, and do a search-and-replace. Your music probably all has a Location key that looks like:


If you S&R on the bit C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Dan/My%20Document/My%20Music
to (for example)

You'll also have to tell iTunes where this music library is. I haven't done this yet, but I'm probably going to soon.
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Keep in mind that if you use your own organization for folders of music, consolidating your library will thoroughly hose it.
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I just did what dhartung just mentioned when I moved my mp3 collection from my PC to my Mac sucessfully with all the iTunes metadata and custom directories intact.

It didn't work at first. I had to take the additional step of rebuilding the binary iTunes music library file (iTunes Library.itl) by corrupting it (i blanked it out using a text editor). You can't just delete it or it will erase your xml file. Once it sees that it's blank it will rebuild it based on the xml file.
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iTunes brain surgery. Basically a tutorial to walk you through what dhartung and sammich explain.
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