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The (small-ish) company I work for is being asked for an OEM certificate from one of our customers. Thing is, we don't have one. However,

we aren't exactly an "OEM". We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer only in the sense that we design, and make, and support, our own products (hardware & software) and no one else does. All the OEM certificates I've found online are more like authorization declarations.

What kind of certificate/ declaration do we need to give them? For some reason, this seems to be the first time that this has come up.

I've looked for information online using "sole manufacturer" and other similar terms, but I haven't found a document that looks right.
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usually its just a piece of paper that says what your company name is, where your office is and what you make for the company requesting the certificate.
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Thanks. We have something sort of like that already. I was just wondering if there was an official name, but if that works we'll do that.
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A certificate certifies something. You can get an embosser with your logo, print up a certificate stating
This document certifies that
blah blah stuff that is accurate in some situation blah blah
verified on
Invoice Date: __________________
Invoice Number ____________________
Signed _____________________
Company Name

MSoft Word has a spiffy document border for stuff like this.
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