large, quality, value priced rainfall shower head
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I am searching for a large, 12 inch or larger, rainfall shower head, of better quality than the $30 to $75 ones on amazon and less expensive than the $700+ ones from Kohler and the like. Anybody know of a product I should consider?
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What are your terms of "quality?" After shopping for awhile I had to get something, and this $5 (non-rain) head I'm using now is among the best I've ever had. The important part is to remove the flow restrictor if your ethics allow it.
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Wirecutter says you want this $105 Delta showerhead.

Note that many showerheads have flow restrictors in the fitting to meet water savings guidelines. It would be terrible to remove this removable flow restrictor so you could luxuriate in full force generous waterflow. Definitely don't do that.
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Just a small data point about rainfall showers, in case you're a short-haired or bald person:

If you have, or plan to acquire, long-haired family members who'll be sharing this shower, rainfall shower heads are a huge pain, because they force the user to wet, and then laboriously dry, their long hair with every shower- or to wear a shower cap, which is annoying and drippy and will unpleasantly amplify the rainfall noise.

So- adding in an option to bypass the rainfall head, and use a hand-held or wall-mounted shower head instead, will make the long-haired person's life much easier- that way they can choose to shower without wetting their hair.
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I presently use a Hansgrohe, but I’ve used two Delta “H2OKinetic” heads in the past — and they’ve been great.

However, the H2OKinetics are not rainfall heads — they’re more of, well, blasters. They’re engineered to provide the feel of high flow while still saving water, so they do their best to blast you. Which I prefer to rainfall, personally, but FYI.
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We got this Delta shower head back in 2012 and it is great. I see it's now $350 but I'd swear we paid like $200. It has that "wiggle the rubber nipple" thing so you can get little pieces of grit out if they clog. We addressed the "long haired people hate rain" problem by installing two shower heads (it's a big stall) with separate controls. I agree it would be a tragedy to remove the flow restriction so you could enjoy your own shower.
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