Modern/revisionist/postcolonial WW2 Podcasts/Documentaries?
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Looking for recommendations of world war 2 podcast or documentary series I can stream online. I would like something which features modern historiography and a global/postcolonial perspective.

I currently rewatching The World at War, which is generally fantastic and has some great interviews. However it is definitely a product into it's time, buying into the "greatest generation" mythos of heroic men doing heroic things and not critically examining things like the British Empire.

So I'm looking for something with a similar scope but a different perspective. A general history of world war two, but with a more modern understanding of the history incorporating the latest research. Something which also casts a critical eye over European Imperialism and includes POC voices would be great.

Sadly I don't read enough books these days, so podcasts or documentaries can stream.
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