What are the best places for bedding and mattresses in Manhattan?
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What are the best places for buying a mattresse and medium- to higher-end bedding in Manhattan and what should I know beforehand?

For mattresses, so far I have checked out Leesa and Mattress Firm, both in Soho. My current mattress is conventional spring and at 12 years old, so not very fun to sleep on. I'm looking for a hybrid mattress, not quite total memory foam or ultra-soft, something in between that can help alleviate my insomnia. My budget is between $1000-$2000.

For bedding, I'm looking for something that fits the rest of my apartment decor which is modern, masculine, more neutral colors. Basically a duvet and sheets with maybe some non-conventional pillows with more comfortable materials. I like the sets I saw at Restoration Hardware, but it's honestly just out of my price range.

I don't know why I'm already feeling overwhelmed by all this, but I am :P Any recommendations for mattress types, stores models, or bedding sets you like, would be much appreciated!
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I just bought a new mattress a few months ago and had a good experience at Macy's. They had an ok selection in your price range (though also lots of pricier options), and it was helpful to have ~50 different mattresses to try out. We happened to go on memorial day weekend and nearly everything was half off - if they also include mattresses in their post-Christmas sales, this might be a good time to go see if they have anything you like.
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I always get mattresses from sleepy's bc 01) they take away the old one and 02) they have a good returns policy in case you decide a month later that the mattress is actually too soft/too hard/not big enough/etc. Also when I had to replace my mattress after a fire they said it was still under some sort of extended guarantee, which I most certainly did not buy, and gave me 10% off on top of whatever the discount was at their labor day sale.

I most recently got sheets at pottery barn because I realized that the oldest ones I have which still look p good were from pottery barn like 12 years ago. Their duvet covers tend to hideous tacky florals for some reason but maybe 10-15% are not appalling.
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Perhaps give Coco-Mat a try? They have a store in Murray Hill. I think their entry-level models are in your price range.
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Based on a Mefi recommendation a few years ago, I got a Shifman. They can be very expensive, but their lower end models are in your price range and are sold at Bloomingdales.
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