Non-awkward gift for an engineer-builder-contractor I don't really know
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What's a nice gift for an engineer-builder-contractor guy in his mid-to-late-forties with a wife and child, who went out of his way to fix things in my place, which I rent, aside from the things he was contracted to by the owner?

I very much appreciate the work he has done, and the things he argued about with the owner on my behalf (which I did not ask for, but was very pleased he did) and would like to give him a token of my appreciation. The thought of a nice bottle of something crossed my mind, but what if he doesn't like booze or if he's a recovering alcoholic. I don't know anything about this man. I just want to say thanks sincerely and it not be weird.
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Maybe one of the many gift baskets/boxes that are on sale this season? He and his family could enjoy the cookies/sausages/cheese/candy, and your note could say thanks for the help with my landlord. It would be a usable but not too personal gift.
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Gift certificate to a movie (for him and wife, plus or minus kid)?
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Gift card to the local home improvement store, with a sincere note.
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good on you for not defaulting to alcohol. A nice box of chocolates or pastries from a really good local bakery is my vote.
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I'm related to a contractor type. Based on him, your guy would probably appreciate the sincere note and a gift basket, or gift card to a local home improvement store, or gift certificate to some place like L.L. Bean or Dick's Sporting Goods for work clothes and such.
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A gift basket that includes a variety of types of snacky things; anything they don’t eat they can give away or use as hostess/host gifts.
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If you don't like the idea of a gift card, how about a multi-tool?
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Don't get a gift basket online -- speaking as somebody whose clients send gift baskets at the holidays, they're way overpriced and the ingredients are usually downright bad/skimpy. Get a local store to make one up though, that would be nice. Or, just go with wine or scotch, he can re-gift it if he doesn't drink it, and he will still appreciate it.
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