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I want to get back into therapy but I don't know where to look geographically due to my weird commuting situation. Do you know of any spectacular therapists who take Cigna and are in the SF Bay area?

Previously when I have looked for therapists I concentrated in the "city" area of where I was living and that worked out well but now I don't have an obvious locus to begin at. I live in the north side of the East Bay and I work in the south bay. My commute takes me down the east side of the bay and then back up through the west side on Caltrain & BART. So when I commute I make a big circle. I do this about twice a week but never on the same day.

So given that any therapist I get will be a huge inconvenience right off the bat, I would like them to be very good, and to take my insurance. (I did therapy without insurance and it was a huge expensive pain and part of why I quit before.) I imagine that I can either get someone in the South Bay and just go down to work on therapy day every week, or someone in the city that I can see in the evening on my way home although they'd also have to work evenings. I was thinking maybe if I got someone in Berkeley I could manage that but I can't guarantee that I won't need to be in the south bay on any given day of the week.

So all I want to know right now are who the very good folks are in the entire Bay Area from north to south and east to west, and then I can figure out some way to make it happen. I know I can go on my insurance website & psychologytoday and just start making calls but there's just so many of them. I can't call and make an appointment with every one of them, nor do I want to really judge them by their name and photo. So I thought I'd ask you guys if you know any of them in particular. Are any of them very good?
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There is a lot of chemistry involved in finding the therapist who is right for you. Sounds like you've done therapy before - what do you know about what style works for you? Do you work better with someone who is warm and supportive? someone who will call you on your stuff? do you need expertise in any particular area?
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I liked having a therapist who I felt like was smarter than me. I don't need any particular expertise though.
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But I'm not looking for someone to identify the best therapist for me. Just call some out who you like. Memail if you prefer.
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Honestly, I think that "takes my insurance" is by far the limiting factor here. At least in the South Bay, I reliably hear that the best therapists don't take *any* insurance.

You might have to do the legwork of making one-off appointments with everyone on your insurance list--who has openings, many of them might be full, especially if they're good--until you find someone that you click with.
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