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In NYC, need to sign up for ACA Insurance plan today. I’m out of spoons (tired, pain, anxious, ashamed). The library I was going to go to (thompkins square park branch) doesn’t have someone coming in today (when I called this morning at 11 they said the person would be in at 2, that person is unable to go in today). I’m locked out of the online portal. Who should I go see?

Any train line is fine. Preferable someone who won’t eyedoll at me for being late to the game.
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My apologies if you've already looked at this, but have you consulted the Navigator directory for someone reasonably close to you and tried calling them?
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That’s how I round the library yesterday, made several calls then to find a place that would have someone today. Confirmed this morning. Went to library. Nobody.
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Sorry if this is too general. The New York State of Health website has a list of events, several of them are this afternoon/evening in NYC. It says they can help you enroll/reenroll. If you put in a zip code it’ll pull up a list. There are a couple in uptown manhattan going on until 530 today.

I don’t think you should be ashamed these kind of things are confusing and it’s easy to put off. If you want moral support (or a second set of eyes from someone good with fine print you can memail me).
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And the link
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Would it be possible for you to call them? The number is (855) 355-5777. The people on the phone are nice and helpful, and helped me sign up for my plan.
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Using and the zipcode for Thompkins Park, I get a number of results for places where you can call to schedule an appointment. Here are the first few listings:

Planned Parenthood of New York City - Margaret Sanger Center (212) 965-7000
Community Service Society (888) 614-5400
Working America (716) 335-5918

I hope that maybe one of these can help.
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If you can't make one of those for whatever reason, I don't think you should discard the Navigators out of hand because one meeting fell through. They're going to be your major resource, especially since it sounds like you're having problems with the official interface.

Meant to mention that I agree with SpaceWarp, nothing to be ashamed of here.
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FYI: NY's open enrollment will last until January 31, 2018, even though the federal period ends tomorrow. NY runs its own exchange, so it doesn't have to follow the federal cutoff.
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Definitely call them!! 1-800-318-2596 is the national number. I used to work as a navigator, and we'd call the number all the time- you can apply over the phone. It's open 24/7!

(not sure what the number someone left above is for- maybe a local NY number? )
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Also, the website often would go down for busy periods and then be accessible again, so you can always try later tonight (or later since it seems NY's deadline is later).
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Just to add: Do not be ashamed!!! You're not late and no one is going think any less of you for signing up now. Really.
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I just got off the phone with the guy who helped me get back into the portal. Thanks guys. This is so hard. My brain and I are not friends right now.

I can't pick a plan because they need to verify my income, and I need to get paperwork for that. So, that's fun. But I'm on my way.

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Hmm, that's strange. When I was a navigator last year, applicants could pick a plan based on their stated income, and then had 3 months (I think) to verify it (or the plan would be cancelled).

Anyway, it's good that you called and got the process started- just hoping you are not getting inconvenienced unnecessarily.
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The Community Service Society mentioned above has the largest number of navigators in the city. My partner and I went there. If anyone will have people available, it will be them.
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