Identify this alien-related mid-eighties children's TV show
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Help me figure out the name of an alien-related mid-eighties children's TV show...

I have only the haziest memory of it, but can remember one scene particularly vividly - which has been bugging me for ages. It was screened roundabout 1986 or 1987 in the UK, on ITV (I think). I think that it was produced in Australia or New Zealand. As far as I recall, an alien craft had crashed in the middle of the countryside. Bits of it were distributed all over the area. The scene I recall involves one particular piece, which was mounted on the roof of a farmhouse or similar building. It might have acted as a weathervane, although I'm not certain on this detail. At various points it produced some kind of high-frequency noise or an equivalent effect, which had a strange effect on people - it might have done something like freezing time or slowing it down. The UFO-part was black and spiky, and looked a bit like an off-cut from a stealth fighter. It had the same sort of matt black, angular appearance. I think it had a central hub and four triangular offshoots.

I can remember nothing else about this programme. Have I invented this memory? I know the details are sketchy... but I will be very grateful to anyone who can figure out what it might have been.
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Best answer: Children Of The Dog Star?
posted by malevolent at 7:17 AM on January 29, 2006

Best answer: second malevolent.
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Response by poster: Wow that was quick - yes, that's definitely it. Thank you, this has been bugging me for a long time! Interesting to see that it won a Golden Globe.
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