change font family on osx fonts.
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Fonts in Mac OSX. I have 4 TTF fonts which should belong to the same font family, but don't. How do I combine them into one family?

The font in question (relato) comes as four different fonts. These are relato, relato-bold, etc. When I try to embolden words written using this font, it doesn't substitute the correct other member of the same font family. Looking at the properties of all four fonts shows that the family name is set to the same as the font name, and the style is set to regular on all four fonts. How can I change them so that italicising the base font automatically substitutes the italicised font?
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I was playing around trying to get my ttf fonts in LaTeX, I found a utility called fondu. It has another utility packaged with it called ufond that puts dfont files back into families. I think it could probably do what you want. There's an installer for it, the i-installer by Gerben Wierda.

The whole experience was pretty humbling and ultimately unsuccessful. There's something sadistic about people who work with fonts through a command line. I'm just saying your mileage with the above utilities may vary.
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I think that Font Doctor can do this.
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This is the top google result for "font family combine ttf"! Huh.

So, for anyone who stumbles across this,
Linotype's free Font Explorer Pro will do it.
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