What brand and scent was this reed diffuser?
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About a year ago, I purchased a reed diffuser for my office. It was a lovely scent, and I got tons of positive remarks about it; I also just really enjoyed how my office smelled. Now, I don't remember what brand and scent it was, and it doesn't seem to be available anymore anyway. If I tell you everything I can about it, can you help me find out what it was, or even better, get more? Or, if that's impossible, what might be a good replacement?

What I know:

- It was probably purchased from Target (in Minnesota). Also possible: Bed Bath & Beyond, Super One.

- It was probably a sandalwood scent, or at least had sandalwood in its name.

- It was around $10.

- It looks like this:

Round glass jar

With a marble textured white wooden top

Except that the original reeds were a natural color (these are not the original reeds).

Target has a discontinued brand on their web page called "Bella" by Illume which might be it, but I can find no images of the things outside of their packaging to see if they might have a similar white wooden top. Also, though, the Bella jars have decorative striping which mine lacks. Also also, they don't seem to be available.

Another possibility is Nature's Wick; the packaging looks familiar and the ones I can find do have wood tops, but they're all quite small (smaller than mine) and I can't find a sandalwood scent.

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I can't identify the specific diffuser you had, but in my experience Illume produces a lot of different lines for Target as well as for higher-end stores (e.g. Anthropologie and Nordstrom). The bad news is this makes it difficult to find their discontinued products if you don't know the name of the product line. The good news is that everything I've tried from Illume smells lovely; it's definitely a brand to keep on your radar if you can't find an exact replacement (and their website sometimes has really good sales).
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If there's a label on the bottom, could you post a picture of it?
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Response by poster:
If there's a label on the bottom, could you post a picture of it?
Sure! It's very generic:
warning label
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Best answer: Your diffuser was made by Chesapeake Bay Candle and it's likely you did buy it at Target (they sell them at Kohl's and Wal-Mart as well but most of the search results were for Target). It was sold as part of a line called "The Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle" and they were available in a variety of earthy scents like Tobacco Cedar and Sandalwood.

Here's a tobacco cedar one in the same style as yours (via eBay).

If you're wondering how I found it, that generic warning label is still apparently very specific in its legalese and it was very helpful that you posted the picture of it. I searched using a few of the exact sentences from the label and they only returned results for this particular company. From there, it was fairly easy to track down the actual products. As far as I can tell, they don't sell these anymore but you may be able to find something similar from them in terms of scent.
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Response by poster: YES! Thank you! I was barking up some wrong trees there.

For future readers: let this be a lesson in assuming what is and is not important!
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