Can we have fish for dessert?
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After a friend introduced me to the Feast of 7 Fishes for Christmas Eve, i enjoyed restaurant versions of the dinner for several years. Last year I decided to cook one of my own. I was pleased enough with the results to try again this year and started wondering if there are any seafood desserts. Google searches mostly point to desserts deemed suitable for a fish dinner, or the dessert menus at seafood restaurants. Can anyone recommend an actual seafood dessert recipe?
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You might be able to make something with Carrageenan as a thickener.
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Or make a dessert flavoured with Sea Buckthorn?
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Unagi sushi with a super sweet teriyaki sauce.
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Some sort of really light and sweet version of a shrimp mousse, maybe?
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Something containing isinglass? I think it can be used like gelatin.
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Googling “fish dessert” actually brings up a couple options (ignore “Amish Fish Dessert” as it is in the “dessert to have with fish” category).

A report of fried wontons stuffed with maple grilled sturgeon and other sweets

Salmon jerky candy recipe

Or go jokey with something involving Swedish Fish candy!

Or, also jokey, maybe make a molded dessert (like Jello or trifle or something) in one of those 70s fish molds?
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I was watching Iron Chef America last night and the theme was the feast of fishes. The competing chef made uni creme brûlée and it looked amazing. I haven’t made it so no recipe recommendations but I plan to try!
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+1 Swedish Fish

Once a friend of mine baked an pie in the shape of a fish, with layered scales.

Asian markets sometimes have dried fish snacks which are crunchy and sweet.

Agar-agar (derived from algae) can be used as a thickener for panna cotta. It's not a fish but it's of the sea, so I think there's an argument to be made.
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Squid ink ice cream.
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/sponge cake
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This Aquarium Aspic which includes real seafood looks amazing.
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Jellyfish ice cream
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I've made Aquarium Jello (Clear glass bowl of blue jello with gummy fish floating inside - the trick is to freeze the gummies ahead of time so they don't melt when you add them to the still warm-ish jello as it gels). You can put jelly beans on the bottom for gravel.
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(and if you use kosher jello, it's made with gelatin derived from fish or carageenen, so it totally counts :)
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/sponge cake

Zuppa Inglese, which is a sort of Italian trifle.
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I am now so excited about mai's suggestion about squid ink ice cream that I tracked down this recipe for squid ink ice cream with wasabi sprinkles.
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Something with citrus, dairy/custard, and roe could be delightful. Sweet, sour, rich, and salty. Salmon or trout roe would work like a funkier version of bursting boba. Ankimo ice cream could work, too, but I doubt it’s the best use of that delicacy. If seafood includes the plant kingdom, you have more options.
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crab rangoons
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Candied smoked salmon, cream cheese and a cracker is sweet enough to be a dessert. If you want to go over the top, add maple or brown sugar to the cream cheese. You could almost assuredly do a shortbread or light gingerbread with cracked sea salt to up the desserty-ness.
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Stuffed Squid with Chocolate Sauce: a Catalan delicacy, apparently.
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Coconut-breaded fish or shrimp with a sweet and sour or pina colada sauce.
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I was also thinking about crab rangoons! Made with actual crabmeat instead of Krab(TM), they are FUCKING DELICIOUS, and also definitely rich enough to be dessert.
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Oyster ice cream!
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Wow, I thought there was nothing that would but it turns out actually I could do a dessert only feast of the 7 fishes! I would mark favorites, but there are too many of them. Thanks for all the great suggestions.
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Don't forget the classic Hagfish Slime Scones!
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For fish-themed but not actually fish you could serve Taiyaki. Even better you could get the ice cream cone version and have it with the above mentioned squid ink ice cream.
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You could probably use any smoked fish (I’m thinking hot-smoked salmon) in place of bacon in any bacon-containing dessert recipes.
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If it just needs to be reminiscent of fish and not contain actual fish, I recommend Shark Fin Pie.
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I once made a rather tangy batch of lemon squares in a low-rimmed baking tray; I pooled a highly concentrated ooze of reduced balsamic vinegar over the entire top, then made a centerpiece of thin sliced lemons, rosemary sprigs and a bit of pepper as if it were a fish casserole. Fooled the whole dinner party!
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Heston Blumenthal made a seafood extravaganza several years back, including dessert.
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