Can anyone recommend a good online automotive touch up paint source?
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So, I found out my go-to paint site has shut down due to the owner's retirement. I had successfully painted two separate car bumpers with his product and found the paint and rattle can nozzles to be excellent. I had a bad experience with the nozzles of the cans from the brand found at most auto parts stores in the US and found the paint texture was not as good as the ones from the website. I have a small project which will need a metallic flake type paint, along with primer and clear coat. Most dealers carry small touch-up cans but I prefer the larger spray cans. Has anyone had any good experiences with any online sites. Most of the reviews online are a little sketchy. Quality preferred over lower price.

For reference, this is for my spouse's car that has several spots of road rash all over that will probably be completely painted at some point, but for now just needs a few spots covered over where the paint was scraped off and the bare metal is rusting.
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I just bought primer, paint and clear coat from this company and am very satisfied with the outcome in touching up several rock chips.

Also, this fiberglass pen made short and precise work in cleaning off rust. Buy a packet of refills as the fibers fray very quickly (and wear gloves and safety goggles, of course).
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i had great experience with the service was fast and my dad and i were both pleased with the product. our touch up skills not so much!
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