Féilire 2018?
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Do you know where I could buy a wall calendar (in the U.S., or at least quickly shippable to the U.S.) with the months & days of the week in Irish?

For a few years we had these great wall calendars with pictures of Irish pubs and all the text (holidays, months, days etc.) in English and Irish. That company stopped making them, as far as I can tell. The pictures don't necessarily need to be of Ireland, though that's preferable I guess. If someone else is making a pub calendar as Gaeilge I will be *all* over it.

I'm having a surprisingly hard time searching online for this, but I'm hoping maybe somebody's seen one.

I know I could make one on Shutterfly, but I did that last year, so a) I've used up all my calendar-worthy photos and b) it's super labor intensive.
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You've plenty of time for shipping from Ireland if you can order by Friday. I don't know of a source for this, but you could ask in r/Ireland?
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It looks like this calendar probably meets your criteria: https://www.anceathrupoili.com/shop/feilire-2018-coisceim/
(Sorry, on phone). They ship to US for a reasonable fee so I imagine would get to you in the next week or so.
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Best answer: The company you probably want is called Real Ireland Design -- you can find their stuff at Irish specialty stores in the US. Here's their pub calendar. I couldn't find any images of the interior pages, but the cover does have Irish translation. (Note that it's kind of a weird small size, 8 by 5 or so.)

They make a large wall calendar with landscape photos by Liam Blake, and that one definitely has Irish days and months (here).

Call or email Irish on Grand in St. Paul, MN -- they'll know all the options and they are great.
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