Cheap full-size tripod for an iPad
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I'm making a video with my iPad and I need a full-size (not tabletop) tripod. I'm near a Target and a Staples. What do you suggest?
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Well, any decent tripod will work (I have a couple of this inexpensive model from Target) as long as you have the proper mount. Here's one on Amazon.

If you need something today, you could check camera supply stores. Or, depending on your DIY aptitude, you could probably make something using bits and pieces from a hardware store. The main spec to know is that tripod mounts use "1/4-20 thread" connections. You could go ahead and buy a tripod with a quick-release head (like the one I linked), and take the head and your iPad into your local hardware store. I bet a clerk would love to help you come up with something that would work. In my experience, hardware clerks are usually thrilled to be able to solve these kinds of riddles, even when you don't want their help!

Good luck!
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