"Men's" crew-neck shirts with larger-than-normal necklines?
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I am a cis man and love crew-neck t-shirts that have relatively wide or large necklines. The best I have been able to do is get lucky with some designery brands (usually too expensive/flimsy/silly for my daily shirt needs) or cut out the neck on regular crew necks (which works but ain't the same). Is anyone making the t-shirts of my dreams?? Also interested in other tops — sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, etc. — that have this feature!

For an example of the kind of neck I would love, see this photo of me in a sweater I love from Topman.
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Best answer: The search terms you want to use are "scoop neck" or "boat neck", not crew. ASOS has quite a few, here's a couple long sleeved ones from Muji. Crew neck means close-fitting, so it's exactly the opposite of what you're looking for and you should avoid anything called that. Scoop neck might go lower on the chest than you want, boat neck is going to be wider across the shoulders.
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This is something you can hire a tailor with a serger to do. As long as you can find some new, longer ribbing that matches, (or it could even be a contrasting hue) it should take an experienced sewer about 15 minutes. If you require something more finished than a serged edge (like bias tape) that might take a bit longer.
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Response by poster: Interesting Mizu! Great stuff there. I hadn't had much luck with scoop or boat neck before, I think b/c in women's styles those necklines tend to be more extreme — but the ASOS stuff for men tones it down enough so that it just feels like a larger crew hole (is that a phrase I can use).

Also good idea, oxisos. For some nice shirts I just might go that way.

thank you!
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