How to get music/podcasts to play when iphonex screen is off?
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Ok, I know I need to do my homework as to how to work my new phone (iphonex), but: if I have media (iTunes, Spotify, a podcast) playing and then I use the right-hand button to turn off the screen, the media stops. My 6s definitely didn’t do this. Help?
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I have had an iPhone X since release day and I have never experienced this. Is this happening when it's playing via headphones, bluetooth, the built-in speakers, or all? Does it start back up when you wake up the phone? Does it happen if you let the phone lock/turn off the screen itself rather than clicking the lock button?
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I also have an iPhone X and I can play audio from the internal speaker and via BlueTooth with the screen off.
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Hmmm. Bluetooth speakers or jam box. And also when it’s just playing from its own speakers. Or when plugged in to aux cord in car.i have to manually start the music again like after I turn the screen off myself. I re-turn the screen on and then restart the music. Not sure yet if it happens when screen turns itself off...
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Ok so sorry to threadsit. Yes it happens if phone shuts off screen itself or if I do. Also whether Bluetooth is in use or not.
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This sounds like something is wrong to me. I have never experienced this on any iPhone including the X. I'd probably take it to the Genius Bar.
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My iPhone 6 does this for any non apple media (YouTube, etc)
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This definitely sounds like a problem. I have the iPhone X and when I play any audio (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora) the music keeps playing when the screen goes off, whether it goes off on its own or I use the right side button to switch the screen off.
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I chatted with a customer support person and she told me to do a software update and now it’s fixed. Huzzah!
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