Vicarious travel via music videos
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Please recommend English-language music videos where the performer goes to a city abroad and parties it up local style - with a particular focus on street fashion and dance moves

Two perfect examples of this I have seen:
- Solange, “Losing You” in Cape Town
- Jidenna, “Particula” in Johannesburg

Not really what I’m after but still interested:
- Michael Franti, “Say Hey” in Rio de Janeiro (more sort of “real people” slice of life in favela, less focus on style)
- Rick Ross, “Hold Me Back” in Nigeria (more historical / political, less focus on style)

Thank you!
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Maybe some of Jain’s videos. Makeba
posted by Shanda at 11:08 PM on December 2, 2017

Malcolm McLaren - Soweto
posted by davebush at 5:34 AM on December 3, 2017

Maybe too "real people" for what you want, but you immediately made me think of all the "Happy" remakes done around the world
posted by Mchelly at 5:58 AM on December 3, 2017

Michael Jackson’s They don’t really care about us has this in Salvador, Brazil.
posted by dreaming in stereo at 1:25 PM on December 3, 2017

The "Where the Hell is Matt?" videos might be what you are looking for:

2008 edition
2012 edition
posted by TomFoolery at 11:56 AM on December 4, 2017

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