How do I find this very specific type of cotton pad?
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There is a specific type of cotton pad that I have encountered only in hotels, and I love them. They are different from the kind I am able to find at the local stores I checked. Have you ever seen these, and can you tell me where to find them or what they are called? Pictures and description within.

The pads I want to find look like this. They are rectangular and fairly smooth, and seem to have a distinct "grain" of cotton that goes from end-to-end (not very visible in the photo, unfortunately). When I use them on my face, they leave very little cotton fluff residue.

This is an example of the pads I am able to find in the store. They are round, less smooth, and leave a ton of cotton fuzz everywhere when I use them (especially if I haven't shaved for a while). They annoy me and I don't want to buy them any more.

There are other round and rectangular versions in the stores, but they all leave a ton of fuzz, and don't have the smooth finish that the desired one does.

Have you ever seen these to purchase? Can you point me in their direction?
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Shiseido’s facial cotton is spendy but wonderful.
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Muji has some that look similar.
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And if there’s a Muji store near you, their Cut Cotton is very similar but much cheaper.
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They look like Missha cotton puffs.
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Also consider the cotton pads made by DHC. I got spoiled by them and now can't stand any others.
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Here is a link to a box of them on Amazon. I can't vouch for this particular brand, it's just the first one that popped up. I found it using the keywords "organic square cotton".
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I can vouch for these on Amazon. They're smooth and, so far, haven't left any cotton fuzz on me.
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These look like regular Japanese (I guess Korean as well?) cotton pads. Some of these are designed for the layers to be separated when soaked in facial lotion/toner, so you can make your own sheet mask, like this.

Asian stores around you may have them, or online Asian stores. This community may know the best option near you.
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Thanks all. I ordered a pack of the ones DSime linked to, as well as a pack of the Shiseido ones. I will report back!
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I use these ones because organic is important to me. The price is right, I don't get fuzz from them.
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Oh those look like the Daiso cotton puffs I use. I get them in store, but here's an Amazon link.
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Ok, my final verdict:

These that DSime pointed out are maybe not 100% the same as the ones I had before, but they are extremely close, and work great.

The Shiseido pads are clearly much better quality. They are thick, soft, and very comfortable to use on my face. However, as a man with occasional stubble, I found that they still shred and leave cotton lint behind. The other ones do not. So for me, the first type is the winner, and I'll be giving the pack of Shiseido pads to my wife.

Thanks again everyone for helping me track these down!
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As an FYI for anyone else looking for these, these cotton squares were on the shelf at my local Walgreen's and appear to be the same kind of cotton pad the OP was looking for.
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