Scrooge and A Christmas Carol
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There are so many choices when it comes to selecting a version of Dicken's A Christmas Carol to watch. I have a 9 year old son I'd like to watch this with this year. I love the classic old ones. Bill Murray's Scrooged was funny but I think you need to see the original first. What is the best version of Dicken's A Christmas Carol in movie form?
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this one
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Best answer: In my humble yet correct opinion, the George C Scott one is the best, which I know I watched as a youngin'... but it can be a little dark, so maybe the muppet version?

Aww, ch1x0r beat me, but I have a hyperlink!
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Best answer: The Muppet Christmas Carol is my absolute favourite! Michael Caine is great as scrooge, and who doesn't love Kermit the frog as Bob Cratchit? Plus, it's a musical! What's not to love? I've been watching it every year for like, the past 15 years, and it never gets old.
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I agree that Muppets Christmas Carol is superior! It’s so true to the text.
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Nthing the George C Scott version. My family has watched it every year since it aired in 1986 and we've never found a better one.

It is pretty spooky in places, but being a wee bit scared of your Christmas ghost story is part of the fun, to my mind.
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My kids are grown now but they still want to snuggle on the couch and watch the Muppets Christmas Carol. Not only is it great for kids, it has the adult in-jokes that make it equally delightful for grownups.

Be aware of of the big Muppet Christmas Carol controversy though: there's a sad, romantic song that is present only in the VHS version. It wouldn't be of much import to your 9yo, but MCC fanatics get very exercised about this topic!
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Best answer: I love the 1951 version with Alistair Sim. My sister and her family have a tradition of watching every single one during the holiday season, which I think is cool.
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Best answer: Seconding the Alistair Sim version.

Here's a list with detailed info. on all the various versions.
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Nthing George C. Scott version.
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Another vote for George C. Scott!
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Response by poster: Thanks! Follow-up question, anyone seen the 1999 Patrick Stewart version? I'm considering buying it.
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The Patrick Stewart one is amazing and is the only one I ever watch.
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The patrick Stewart one wins for me everytime. Great cast and especially Elizabeth Briggs to look out for. Just the right amount of cheese to make it a proper christmas film.
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I love all of these AND the hammy Patrick Stewart version. (Also featuring Richard E. Grant! Laura Fraser! On preview: among others) You can't go wrong with FencingGal's advice.
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Oh, you guys. For a nine-year-old? Mr Magoo, the first cartoon Christmas special, and still the best, after all these years. Incredible UPA animation and wonderful music, so what if we have issues about the character.
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Muppet. Christmas. Carol. A classic for a reason. Exquisite, imaginative, and both true to the work while also presenting some lovely meta information about the text.
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Yup, Muppet Christmas Carol is the best one, bar none.
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Muppet Christmas Carol. I hate Christmas movies but love this one.
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My family watches a lot of versions of A Christmas Carol every year (like...a lot of versions.) and argue fiercely over it. The majority of us go for the 1951 Alistair Sim version; the runner up is the 1984 George Scott version. All of us have a soft spot for the Muppets one.

Each year, I mean to go through and compare each character and scene, and then mash them together into a Frankenstein film of all the best versions. Maybe this year!
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Has no-one mentioned the 1970 musical Scrooge yet? Let me redress that oversight. Peak British '60s/'70s Lush Nostalgia Musical. Albert Finney an excellent Scrooge. A very camp Alec Guinness as Marley's ghost. Instantly hummable songs by Leslie Briscusse with fun choreography throughout. Ronald Searle title sequence. And beautiful art direction.

My favorite of the Carols from childhood on.
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MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL. It’s so funny. And the rat muppet is so cute. And Michael Caine.
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Scrooge with Albert Finney (a musical take, works incredibly well).
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I have to put in a bid for the Cbeebies Christmas Carol. :) It has fun songs and (importantly, for some children) isn't at all scary.
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The version that stands out from my childhood was the 1971 animated film with Alistair Sim. The animaton has a lovely 'period' style and the voices are superb.
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The 1970 Leslie Bricusse Scrooge with Albert Finney was the definitive Christmas Carol rendition of my childhood. Everything the sobister said about it is true.
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Muppet Christmas Carol not only my favorite Christmas Carol but my favorite Christmas movie, period.
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