How to acquire this sold-out KFC necklace?
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KFC was selling this necklace over the summer but they ran out pretty quickly. Any ideas on how to pick one up?

I had expected these to show up on Ebay (as they're funny but probably something someone would tire of eventually) but I've been searching every few weeks and have never seen one (there are a couple of completed listings there that I missed when they were active -- I didn't realize one could get notified of new items but just signed up to do so). Am I missing another avenue where they might be resold? Alternatively, would it be feasible to have one fabricated (ideally locally in Seattle, WA)? One idea I had was to look up vendors on Etsy who are in the area who sell metal necklaces and ask them if they can make it but I'd rather not do that if there's a more straightforward way to find one. Thanks!
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An Etsy search for "wire name necklace" restricted to WA seems like the most straightforward to me.
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Consider this?
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There was a guy at Pike Place Market who used to make wire name pins/necklaces/whatever, while you waited.
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Shapeways has a pendant creator app for adapting simple 2d images to 3d printed jewelry.
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Looks like it's back in stock if you haven't checked lately.
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Thanks, everyone. Sometimes just waiting is the best solution, as they did restock the necklaces (laziness for the win!). FYI, I wound up buying a bunch of them so if any future mefite reads this after they've sold out again message me and you can have one if I have any left.
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