Looking for great examples of interactive advertisements
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I am doing research for a friend and I’m trying to find interactive ads (like the one on youtube a few years back with the guy and the bear where you could ask questions). Just interesting takes on advertisements that have some participatory aspect. Thanks.
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Subservient Chicken?
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Click here to save the world (keep clicking).
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Talking tuna
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Args! Alternate reality game. The game runners create a scenario with puzzles and messages and clues. It often involves real world meetups.

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Not directly interactive, I suppose, but, at one time, McDonalds put their whole menu in a jingle and pretty much challenged customers to memorize it. Since then i've seen plenty of ads designed to get customers to memorize the ad message. AFLAC (and the duck) is another. For a while radio station WOR in NYC had a thing at station breaks where the announcer would say "Quick, what radio station are you listening to right now?"
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This idea was clever I thought...

Heated Bus Shelter Ads
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Sortie En Mer (aka the Drowning Simulator)
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I have seen videos of a public service ad somewhere in Scandinavia (?Denmark?) in which the figure in the ad coughs when anybody smokes nearby, but I'm unable to find it again for you. I seem to remember it was trialled both on the street and on a subway platform.
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