Best way for a small business to back up G Suite, and other questions.
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What are best and most affordable options to back up G Suite? Automated would be best, but if it's a huge cost savings, we can calendar this and do it manually.

Seems prudent, but are there arguments against taking the time and expense to do this?

I've read this and this question from 2014, but: 2014.

I understand Google Takeout creates an archive file and it looks like a pretty straightforward manual option. I tested it, and in 15 mins it downloaded 23 products for a total of 317.8 MB. Perhaps a very dumb question, but does this back up all of Google Drive that belongs to me and what is also shared with me? Does it back up anything in Drive that others have uploaded but not shared with me? And does it also back up all of the email that belongs to all of the addresses associated with our domain (there might be 20), or do these things have to happen individually? (I'm not an IT person if that's not already obvious).

I imagine best practices around frequency really depend on the data, but weekly seems reasonable for us. Let's say we did this. What are the best third-party options for cloud storage? I looked at Amazon's AWS Free Tier (Non-expiring Offers), but haven't a clue which one of those products supplies the most basic storage.

Assuming the Takeout archive does capture everything--at least all of the files in Drive for our business domain--this would work, but I'd really like to also hear about services that do this same thing automatically for a small annual fee.

Finally, in the real world, let's say we ever needed to restore this backup. Is that an easy task?
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Backupify has GSuite backup.
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Response by poster: Disappointed there are no mefites out there who know about this stuff! For anyone reading, I looked at Backupify and the cost would be $800-1000/year for our small business. Automated is great, buuuuut...

I've signed up for Amazon's Free Tier services but for someone just wanting some storage space in the cloud, most of what I see there is completely out of my realm. I chose S3 and uploaded my two backup files (though I'm still unclear whether Takeout backs up just my account, or all of our company's domain). In hindsight, it looks like S3 is free for 12 months and I should have selected Glacier. Because an automated service seems cost prohibitive, I'll manually download and backup our two files biweekly.

Shared in hopes it benefits others, but also in case some latecomers care to add to the conversation. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Final choice: Takeout IS does only backup my own account, not those I administer, and so we ended up going with Datto SaaS Protection for small business. 1-10 users is $25/mo all in, 11-25 users is $75/mo, with a big jump after that. We can cherry pick which 10 accounts to back up. Includes Team Drives. Hope this follow up is useful to y’all.
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