Durable and good shoes for the wide-footed gent
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My partner has had a poor run of luck with finding durable wide-width shoes. He has an active indoor job and, while he's had the best run with hiking shoes or light hiking boots, they invariably split in 6 months to a year. What are some durable hiking (or other) shoes for someone who wears a 12EEE and is on his feet all day? A subdued look is preferred and they need not be the height of fashion, but he'd be bothered if they were much more than $200.

LL Bean is unfortunately not a solution, because he'd never return broken shoes; he would rather perish from the earth forever than initiate a returns process once.
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Hi, I sold shoes over the phone for a certain catalog company for a really long time.

Bean shoes are typically only a EE not an EEE - if they're too narrow for him that might be why they're splitting.

I highly, highly recommend Hitchcock shoes. Very high quality, EEE widths (and higher), largely made in the US.

Make sure he gets two pair and alternates them, so they have a full day "off" between wearings.
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Thursday Boots. They're beautiful and durable, office-appropriate for all but dressy offices, and come in a range of styles. They are waterproof and ask only for an occasional shine to keep them in top shape. My partner has a pair worn rain or shine for two years now which they call their 'walking machines,' because 'they feel like machines designed specifically for walking.' They're only available in 'wide,' though the company says that will suit people who wear EEEs -- they actually recommend that EEs order Standard, not Wide. They're primarily online, not brick-and-mortar retail, so all returns are free -- if they don't fit, it's easy to send them back. (There's no returns process to initiate, you literally just put them in a box.)
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Wolverine's "Extra Wide" are a EEE and are affordable and durable. Definitely recommend doubling up so that his shoes can have a day of rest if he's on his feet all day.

Happen to have them all on sale today here*.

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If his shoes split at the soles, but the upper is still intact, he might consider something with a welted sole. Then he can just get the shoes re-soled instead of replacing them.
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My husband got a pair of Red Wing boots and finds them more comfortable than hiking boots. They seem super durable and it looks like they have a number of EEE options around $200.
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Do you know about the Oddball Shoe Company?
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I have stupidly flat size 12 feet too.

The wide/W Merrell Moab Ventilators are only EE but I found they worked okay for me when I was running around on concrete floors for 12-16 hours a day.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Merrell makes any wider shoe than this. Has he tried these and found them too narrow?
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