Female Talk Show Host (from 80s or 90s) with Awesome Hair
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I'd like to show my hair dresser a photo of a female TV personality from my childhood who I remember as having awesome hair. She was a Caucasian lady with chin-length wavy dark hair with a lighter streak in the front. I think the show was a homey precursor to HGTV-type home shows. I remember her style being kind of preppy (sweater over a popped collar with a beaded necklace).

She didn't wear glasses. I think her name may have been Kitty something, though I may be grasping at straws with that one.

So far, I've ruled out:
- Kitty Carlisle
- Kitty Duchovney
- Sally Jesse Raphael
- Carol Duvall

I can't for the life of me remember her name or the name of her show. Any ideas?
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If you don't mind saying, where would you have been living when you saw her? Just thinking it could be a local tv reporter/personality.
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Kitty Bartholomew?
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A search of "classic HGTV shows" leads me to Kitty Bartholomew, who definitely has that hairstyle.
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Came in here to say Kitty Bartholomew, though you have to scroll through those images to find her younger incarnation when I think her streak was smaller?

Also if you're from LA there's KNBC news anchor Colleen Williams, who colors her hair now but had a great gray streak when she was younger.
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Is it Stacy London from What Not To Wear? -> images
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Thanks, all! I was definitely thinking of Kitty Bartholomew!
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Kitty is the bomb!
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