Where can I find cool shirts matching for toddlers and little kids?
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I usually buy my nephew lots of t-shirts (he's always had a Biggie Smalls shirt in his size). Recently my sister in law bought matching shirts for my nephew and my kid. Not only was it adorable to see the kids in their shirts, but my nephew loved that his cousin was wearing the same shirt. My kid's moving up in sizes right now, so I thought this would be a good time to buy some cool, off beat matching shirts for them! (Sizes would be 2T and 5.)

Now I will be buying them Tupac shirts (since we're in California), but I'm not sure what else would be good. My nephew is really into sharks, dinosaurs, and the ubiquitous Thomas the Train and Paw Patrol, just to give a sense of his interests.

I like to buy directly from the makers. I was trying to find something on Etsy, but all of the generic clip art shirts are impossible to wade through. A print shirt like this banana shirt would be cool. If the prints were funky and not overly kiddie, that would be cool. I'm looking for sellers, shirts, whatever to help make my nephew and kid cool in the eyes of their peers and adults, in addition to being adorable.
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I’ve bought myself (adult) a shirt off Unicorn Empire on Etsy and loved it. The kids’ section doesn’t have a lot to offer and I don’t know if the designs are up your alley, but the sizes seem to be there.
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Etsy! I have a lot of these for my grandchildren. I love this "my best friend" one and Biggie Smalls. Search sibling matching shirts and baby/toddler matching shirts.
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To clarify: I want to get them the same shirt, not shirts that are coordinated. Thanks for these store links though!
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Many of the desIgns on Threadless are available in toddler and kid sizes. They have a lot of cute designs, although maybe too twee for you.
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Woot! has a lot of shirts; their smallest kid size is 4, though. In case that seems do-able:
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I got matching shirts for kids in the family from Threadless last year (this design) and the quality was just terrible, fwiw - they stretched out and developed holes incredibly fast. If you get them on a sale though, they were fun to get for the matchy-matchy pleasure (I had half the family dressed in the same design).

I think these Swedish shirt designs are just adorable - pretty pricey, but (apparently) excellent quality. Not sure if they fall too far on the kiddie side of things for you though.
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Old Navy always has a ton of graphic tees that would probably work.
Also Target's Cat and Jack line does this well. I got matching shirts in 2T and kid's size 10 that say "Strong Like Mom."

Given how fast kids grow out of things, it pains me to spend a lot on t-shirts, hence the cheap recommendations.
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Look at Cotton Bureau. The shirts are great quality, the designs are unique, and their approach to working with designers means no clip art or stolen imagery.
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Kitschy Coo sells kids' clothes and amazing fabric. You can ask for things to be custom made if they don't have them in stock.
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Oh, also - this Etsy shop sells great kids' collared shirts (not t-shirts though)
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out of print clothing has a bunch of cool t-shirts for book loving babies, toddlers, kids and adults.
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