Accounting Software not speaking to Bank
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Hi - I have been charged with asking this question on behalf of the financial officer at work. We are desperately seeking solutions for a problem we're having - Quickbooks and Merril Lynch don't seem to be talking to each other. How can we get them to connect?

Merril Lynch apparently recently changed its password requirements, and that has caused problems getting Quickbooks to connect to Merril Lynch so that we can sync data. We've tried resetting passwords on both sides and have spent a whole day (in total) on the phone with tech support at both Merril Lynch and with Quickbooks, often in conference, trying to resolve this.

The very nice financial officer sitting 10 feet to my left is very frustrated with this and we're all trying to help (and she pounced on my suggestion to post the question here with an enthusiastic "yes"). Anyone else with both Merril Lynch and Quickbooks having the same problem? Even better - did you fix it? and how?
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I know you've spent time on the phone with customer service, but have you tried posting a question to the Intuit questions forum? I'm a Mint user and have asked a handful of questions about this sort of thing (bank not speaking to Mint anymore, etc) over the years, and have found it to be a good way of getting tech support eyeballs on the problem.

I use Mint, not QB, but this appears to be the exact page I use for Mint but for the QB community. It's all owned by the same folks so with any luck they'll be similarly responsive. Here's a recent similar question and answer you may find helpful as a starting point.
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Check your Mefi mail.
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Hi Candleman, I saw your memail and have responded.
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Welp, the finance person on our end is actually choosing to turn the whole problem over to Quicken to fix - it's THEIR problem, she figures, so THEY need to do the legwork to fix it, and she will just nag them until they do. And I can't say I disagree with that approach.

But I've collected a couple of ideas and insights that go toward explaining what the cause of the problem is, and that's always good. Thanks.
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