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What are you favorite gift guides? I know about Cooltools, Wirecutter and NYTimes, so I guess I'm looking for something a little more out of the ordinary. I ask because I can't find the guide from a couple of years ago that led to the pet portrait on our wall.
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This one from "the kids should see this" is amazing. It's technically for kids but has stuff that people of many ages will find neat.
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My friend Naomi Kritzer does a post every year about gifts for people you hate, which is fun even if not useful.
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Mark Hurst has done an "Uncle Mark's Gift Guide" for the last several years. It is tech oriented, but he writes concisely about each item, and it is clear enough for you to decide if this would work for your gifting needs or not. Last year his guide came out on 08 December, so I would look for it sometime around then. Last year's guide is still available, and many items still relevant, and will give you an idea if you like his style or not.
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Metafiler unfavorite Boing Boing just posted their own gift guide as well.
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If you have any kids to buy for, I like the Mighty Girl Holiday Guide.
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Autostraddle's holigay gift guides (Some NSFW)
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Megan McArdle, who writes currently for Bloomberg and previously for The Atlantic, publishes a kitchen gift guide about the middle of December.
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I always love the Notcot guides, they go back several years and have lots of categories throughout the years.
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On my phone so no links but I would personally love to receive anything from any of the Cup of Jo gift guides, from kids to dads.
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Apartment Therapy's Holiday Gift Guides

Design Mom is rolling her guides out slowly.

Refinery29 has a lot of great ideas.

Finally- I don't think either does specific lists, but Swiss Miss and Kottke both always have great suggestions on their blogs.
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Chuck Wendig just posted a pretty decent* gift guide for writers.

*includes promo for his own writing advice book, but that's fair enough really
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My friend Naomi Kritzer does a post every year about gifts for people you hate, which is fun even if not useful.

Not useful? You must have a much better family than I do!
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Chris Schwarz's Anarchist's Gift Guide (the woodworking kind of anarchist, that is.)
Purdue INSPIRE's Engineering Gift Guide: fun toys, games, books, and applications to engage girls and boys ages 3-18 in engineering thinking and design
Defective Yeti's Good Gift Game Guide, although I'm worried there won't be one for 2017.
Emily Lackdawalla's recommended space books for kids of all ages
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Defective Yeti's Good Gift Game Guide, although I'm worried there won't be one for 2017.

Worry unfounded: he's working on it. Also, the better link for the collected columns is this one at The Morning News.
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Repeating myself from another thread:

The Quonsar thank you thread
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RPGamer's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide has some delightful quirky stuff.
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Dave Barry's gift guide is always the best.
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Is it threadsitting if it's been a couple of weeks?

Here's mefi's own jkottke's list from a little place I like to call
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Here is Megan McArdle's 2017 kitchen gift guide, as noted above.
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