need new sub $1k monitor for photo editing, mostly.
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PhotoFites: I'm looking for a better monitor, 'cause current one gots a problem. Criteria inside.

I currently have the Dell U2713h, but the usb ports all died and it's out of warranty - so while I own X-Rite's i1, and can use it with my computer's video card, I can't use their custom profiling software anymore with the built-in monitor calibration function. It does work, but for whatever reason doesn't seem to work as well.

criteria for new monitor:

- for photo editing, mostly, some office work and web surfing, maybe eventually video, but almost zero gaming.
- 27" to 30"
- matte
- non-4k
- sub $1000 if possible. Good factory color and white point out of the box if possible. I know that periodically calibrating my monitor with a calibration device will probably always be a thing, but I'd like to do it as little as possible.

I've perused TFT Central and Wirecutter, but still can't seem to decide what to get. I have seen the Dell U2717d which I like, though it doesn't have the harware calibration built in, but have read that a number of the recent Dell monitors have quality control issues so I'm avoiding those at the moment.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks as usual mefiters. : )
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The NEC EA275WMI has the same specs, the exact same specs, almost as if it were manufactured from the same lcd panel, hmm..., and it comes with calibration.
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