G'day Melbournians. Arriving soon. Must buy shorts.
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I'd buy shorts before the trip, but here (Thailand) there are 2 choices: 1) Too much polyester, or 2) 100% Cotton and expensive. Both have poor construction quality. Seeking mid-range quality and price, 100% cotton. Far enough out of fashion that teens or 20-somethings wouldn't wear, but it's what their dads wear. Seeking store names. Bonus points for easy access by public transportation and proximity to the CBD. Just to be clear, I need outerwear, not underwear.
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Target on Bourke Street would probably sort you out.
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Uniqlo is what my boyfriend wears (he's a dad but a fashionable one) - there's a store in the city.
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Within a block or so of the Bourke Street Mall, you have Uniqlo, H&M, Cotton On, and the aforementioned Target. It'll be a bit mental because we seem to have adopted post-Thanksgiving retail hell this year, but you should be able to find something suitable.
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Nthing Bourke Street. All the stores mentioned, plus Myer and David Jones.
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You are looking for Stubbies. They are the quintessential Australian shorts and haven't changed a bit since first designed in 1972. The link has a sub-link on where to buy.
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Kenji is the in store brand for myer menswear. This is a little more upmarket than target and a bit more grown up than cotton on, and sounds to me like your target.

Myers, as aforementioned, is snack bang in the middle of the city on Bourke St.
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