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What are subscription boxes that are under $30 and preferrably under $20 a month that you find are worth it even at that price as gifts?

I'm already a fan of raw spice bar and subscribed to graze several years ago, but their price has increased since then so I'm sure if there has been a change in actual quality. I'm looking to buy gift subscriptions for friends/family so any theme is fine. I just want some ideas of what you've liked, or ones that you didn't think were worthwhile or that have had a change in quality.
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Does Book of the Month Club count? It's $14.99 (for one hardcover book per month; you can buy extras at $9.99 if you want) and you get a choice between five selections. They've refreshed the whole program in the last couple years and the books are always the hot things I want to read anyway. I love it. It would be a great gift for somebody who loves books.
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I gave a friend a Mistobox subscription, and it was very well received. (Disclaimer: I am not a coffee drinker and cannot comment on the qualify of their goods, but the recipient cared about coffee a lot and seemed happy.)
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I had a sprezzabox subscription for a while, and the boxes always seemed to be worth it.
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Boxycharm is great for makeup and skincare, at $21. It sometimes has a waitlist but is open right now.

Also My Subscription Addiction has best of lists and tons of reviews.
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ArtSnacks - $24 a month. I received a 3 month subscription as a gift. I was impressed by the art supplies and the community around the box. I wouldn't want to get it for a year, but it was a fun treat for my birthday.
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I will keep renewing Sephora's Play box for the high end makeup and skin samples. I will not be renewing Birchbox this year because it is far behind the quality and variety of the Play box for the same price of $10/box.
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If you have an outdoorsy friend, maybe try Cairn?
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I'm a member of Cat Sticker Club and Feminist Sticker Club. They are $3.50 a month and $3.00 a month, respectively. You get one sticker from each club a month, by a new artist. Not super pricey, but a really cool surprise each month!
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Scribe Delivery is FANTASTIC for those of us with serious journal/pen/paper addictions. I find it usually contains what I pay for it in terms of retail value.

I have also enjoyed Yogi Surprise, though it's a bit out of your stated price range.
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Sorry that should say "contains well beyond what I pay for it." Bad edit.
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If you have an outdoorsy friend, maybe try Cairn?

Seconding this. Cairn box has been fantastic.
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I recommend Barkbox for anyone you know with little barkers. Their boxes always have fun themes, and the toys are really high quality. You're welcome to MeMail me if you want a Barkbox referral.
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Amoda Tea's monthly box is $20 CAD, so currently about $15 USD. I've been subscribed for over a year now and I love it. Great variety and packaging, and the staff are very responsive and helpful.
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There are several available at Loot Crate that are below $20 per month.

Loot Crate Crates
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Well I looked; there's actually only 2 below $20 and a few more below $30
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Bobcat In A Box can be set to any amount of money. The bot shops for you based on your preferences and how much money you give it, and sends the recipient random surprises throughout the month. You can set it to spend its "allowance" all at once or set it to send the most packages it can find for the money.
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D.rip, formerly Drip.fm, is a subscription service for digital art, directly from artists (and record labels?*). Monthly subscription charges vary by creator, and range from $3 to $55, from my casual browsing of the new site. What you receive in return also varies depending on the creator, and now is the introductory "founding member" phase, which might offer something different now than it will in month's time.

* Drip.fm was founded as a way to directly support indie record labels and get everything they produce in a month digitally, plus some subscriber goodies every now and again, but it looks like the new d.rip will focus on "creators" instead of labels, and it's honestly unclear if you can even still subscribe to labels on the new site.
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I have given subscriptions from Love With Food to several people--they all loved them. Reasonably priced ($7.99 or $16.50/month depending on number of snacks or $19.99 for gluten free; free shipping), can cancel any time, & they donate a meal to a hungry kid with every box sold. Here are some past boxes to give you an idea of contents.

I had an Ipsy subscription for awhile. It was fun, but you end up with products you don't use plus it comes in a zipper make-up bag, so you end with a lot of those, too. Seemed to result in a lot of clutter. It is $10 a month. Not exactly high end, but Walmart has a quarterly subscription beauty box for $5. It often has large sample sizes.

I gave a Sock Fancy subscription, too--it was a big hit. One pair a month is $11; 2 pair is $19.
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Japan Candy Box (does what it says)
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Came here to Nth Sephora Play - it's by far one of my best uses of $10 each month for the variety and quality of makeup/skincare/haircare products I get.
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filthy light thief: it's honestly unclear if you can even still subscribe to labels on the new site.

Update: Christopher Willits is the only artist or label currently on Drip.fm who has moved to d.rip.
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Outdoor Project has a list: https://www.outdoorproject.com/blog-news/give-gift-keeps-giving
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