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Apologies for the lamest question of the day, but is it possible to see who has liked or forwarded a tweet? I know you can see how many people have liked it. Hovering over or clicking the likes doesn't show who liked it, though. Is there a to see who liked or forwarded a tweet?

Just curious.
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Yep totally possible though it depends on what platform you are using. On the desktop version you can check your notifications and you'll see little icons that are the people who liked it. The only time you won't see them is if you're logged out and someone liked your tweet form a locked account (pretty sure I am remembering this right). On mobile you have to click on the tweet itself and then there is a list of who liked it. Forwarding, if you mean retweeting (i.e. sent that tweet on to their own followers) you can see the same way.
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To see who's liked your own or other people's tweets, you have to click on the tweet itself first and then click the likes/retweets to see who has interacted with it.

Well. I should have previewed first because duh.
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