Need a Cookbook in Japanese
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I want to buy a beginning American cuisine cookbook in Japanese in the United States. Help?

My sister in law is Japanese and is interested in American cooking. I want to buy her a beginning cookbook - like Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" - in Japanese for Christmas. What recommendations do you have and more importantly, where can I buy it? I'm in the United States. Online is preferable, but I would go to a store if needed. Thank you!
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Any branches of this Japanese bookstore chain in your area? That's where I would check.
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Is your sister in law in the US or back in Japan? I'm not sure whether you're looking for 'How to make American style food in a Japanese kitchen' or more like 'how to use an American oven'

For the latter I can't find much and I think you might be better off getting an English cookbook that is heavily illustrated.

For the former, here's a cookbook of 'Best Chicago Recipes - Gratins, Casseroles, Skillet and Oven' and Hawaiian Recipes. If you know she has an Oven or Oven range, there are some books that deal with roasting, but not everyone has those. There's also some books that go with Lodge, Staub or Le Creuset cookware - but again, those are pricey and if she doens't have the equipment the books won't be much help.
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Sorry, forgot to add, if you go to the very bottom of the Amazon Japan page you can switch all the menu settings to English so you don't need Japanese to make a purchase.
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