A coffee table novel?
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I just woke up from a dream in which I was sitting in a used bookstore, absorbed in a novel that was printed like a coffee table art book - a big heavy hardback in which more than half the pages were printed with beautiful reproductions of colorful 19th through 21st century paintings; but instead of text about the paintings, the text was a contemporary novel. Has a book like that ever really existed?
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I am really sorry to have to tell you this, but The Da Vinci Code did have an edition something like that.
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In the past month or so, I've run across maybe a half-dozen mentions of Above the Timberline. The paintings aren't a match, but if you follow SF/F reviews, I could see them prompting a dream about a coffee table novel.
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Oh, so this is interesting. I remembered a version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy from the 90s that matches your description.

I went Googling to find images from it, and instead, I found what appears to be a newer illustrated version of Hitchhiker. And it looks like the company that made it (Folio Society) has done lots of books like this.
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The books aren't quite coffee-table-sized, but your description makes me think of the Griffin and Sabine series.
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I recall seeing (a big section of) books for the visually challenged in a library in my youth; they're coffee table sized with large print, but were otherwise normal novels.
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This dream book wasn't a novel with commissioned illustrations like Above the Timberline or Hitchhiker's Guide - both of which look amazing, by the way - but a novel interspersed with existing paintings. So, I hate to say it, much more like The Da Vinci Code than the others.

(It's entirely imaginary, but I couldn't help doing some google image searches to try to find paintings that resembled the ones in the book. Here's one.)
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