Where Should We Go on Vacation?
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Hi! I have off on a Thursday-Monday (I work Tuesday starting at 4:00, so Tuesday could potentially be a half day off) and want to go somewhere that is RELAXING, not super cold (and maybe even warm), soothing, potentially has lovely swimming, and is not a super long plane ride or car trip from San Francisco.

We love going to Kauai; it is our go-to vacation spot. Maybe a different Hawaiian island? Or somewhere else all together. We are deciding whether or not we'd like to take our year-old shih tzu puppy with us; so a dog-friendly place would be cool, but we also have a great pet sitter for him if not dog-friendly. We love food and are happy cooking and/or eating out. We love walks in beautiful scenery, but not strenuous hikes. We adore swimming in the ocean, as well as snorkeling. Pools are ok too; preferably adult only or not kid-friendly at least. We really want to relax. A spa would be lovely; we've never done a spa vacation before. This would be the weekend of December 9th. Many thanks!
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I feel like I always suggest Isla Mujeres to these questions, but you're looking for Isla Mujeres.
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We love Kauai. What is it that you like about it? I am not a spa-type person but maybe try the Big Island, which is our other go-to. You are probably working on pretty short notice for a December Hawaii vacation but it will be worth it if you can figure something out. The Hilo side is more lush and, to me, more interesting/wayyyyy less touristy than the Kona side but you're more likely to find a spa and good snorkeling on the Kona side. Last time we were there we stayed just outside of Hilo in a weird little Airbnb with a full kitchen setup next to the Botanical Garden and we wandered in and out of Hilo and surrounding areas and got picnic food from the farmer's market every morning and chilled on the beaches. It was great, it was warm, it rained a little and we didn't care.

The other thing you might think about is just embracing the tourist/city and heading to Waikiki/Honolulu. We do long weekends there without a car occasionally and the food is great, much better than the rest of Hawaii...we just walk a ton, eat a lot of fruit and enjoy the beach and access to a real city.
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Wilbur Hot Springs?
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I don't know the extent to which the fires affected them, but in all honesty, MacArthur Place is one of the nicest resort/spas I've ever experienced. I would totally live there.
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We decided on a chill resort in Cabo! We can't wait! We will have our own private plunge pool and can bring this fellow
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