Name of old Winamp Visualization Plugin?
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During my time using Windows XP I often used winamp to play music, along with a specific Visualization plugin. Please help me track it down.

I can't remember which version of Winamp I was using but I suspect it was 4 or 5? I do remember that the visualisation plug-in was one that came bundled with winamp by default.

The Visualization was circular and used to pulse in time to the music. I have no screen-shots but the best way to describe it was sort of a Spirograph image brought to life.

Does anyone know what this plugin / visualization was called?

I don't think it was based on the Milkdrop or Milkdrop2 code, but other than that I have nothing else to go on. I know this because I've managed to download Winamp for windows 10 and Milkdrop2 came with it.

Screenshots/links to possible suspects very welcomed!
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Geiss is the likely culprit. It's the forerunner to MilkDrop by the same author.
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Thanks llin. I do believe Geiss is what I had half remembered. Thank you.

Also thank you gregr, I've got winamp installed now and am enjoying it's dubious gui delights.
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