Is there anything better than Slideshare?
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I do a lot of public speaking for work. I usually make a page like this one with downloadable slides in various formats; I'd love to be able to embed my actual talk. I use Keynote to make/present my talks, but its PDF export is suboptimal and I can't upload those talks to Slideshare. Slideshare's PDF and Powerpoint options are no good. Is there somewhere else I can upload a Keynote presentation so that someone can click through it while reading the presenter notes, Slideshare style?

Note: I am open to creative solutions to this general issue, please presume I have a decent grasp of the technical aspects as a sophisticated end user but not an Applescript writer. I don't mind using a site not my own but I do have hosting options. Types of things that might help.

- A WordPress plug-in that really worked,
- A way to improve Keynote's PDF export so I could have nicely formatted pages people could read
- A site that is like Slideshare without the bad non-functioning parts

Assume I am not open to changing my slide creation workflow or software and I do not want to record audio as part of the solution. I have tried putting my presentation into iCloud and embedding it, but that only showed the slides and not the notes. Anything out there that I am missing? Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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How does Google Slides handle/interpret Keynote PDFs? It might be an option.
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Response by poster: That is close! I can get a nice embeddable iFrame with he slide images, but not with my presenter notes. The PDFs that Keynote creates are awful (example) so they can't be uploaded to anything expecting slides.
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You can save your Keynote presentation to iCloud, get a read-only link so anyone can view it, and then get an iframe embed tag for your presentation using the Keynote Embed Code Generator that you could stick on your page. What I'm not sure about with this approach is how the presenter notes are handled in the embed version. You could also just link out to the shared iCloud version, though that unhelpfully prompts everyone trying to view the thing for their name first, for some idiotic reason.

Keynote also has an HTML export feature. You could upload the resulting HTML on your site and link to that.
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I now use Google slides exclusively for presentations. It does everything powerpoint or keynote does, but has the added bonus of being shareable online. If you use a simple URL shortening service like you can easily send your audience to the URL for your slides. There's an option to enable commenting on shared slides too, so your audience could interact in real time.
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And you already figured out that Keynote for iCloud has never heard of presenter notes. I'm an idiot.
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I spent a while trying to figure out a similar solution awhile ago and got nowhere. It does not seem like Keynote exports the notes in any format but PDF.

The most practical idea I found was to paste the presenter notes into the slide itself (like letterboxing them, usually at the bottom). It's extra work but in practice my presenter notes usually need editing for public consumption anyway.

I'm stubborn so I just spent some time inspecting the internals of the generated PDFs themselves. It would be pretty awful, but theoretically possible, to parse the presenter notes out of the PDF and combine that with Keynote's HTML or image output and get a workflow that could generate a tidy HTML page with presenter notes. It'd require some actual coding, though.

Using pdfminer's XML output ( -t xml) I was able to locate my notes. It'd require some XSLT or other XML processing wizardry to turn them into something useful, but the data's there.
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The teaser page is light on details so this is here as kind of a bookmark for you, but from what's available it seems like Notist aims to be the thing you're looking for, pending Keynote support. (I also just pinged them on Twitter, so maybe they'll chime in.)
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Use Better Keynote Export.
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Oh wow thanks caek, Better Keynote Export looks amazing, the output just like notes from Maciej's talks.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
The answer to this question is the open source Keynote Exporter which only sort of works (my slides were out of order and it does not profess builds separately) but does exactly what I want and does not require me learning a new programming language
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