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I've got a bibliography, part of a research paper, with many links to web-based audio and video. Think YouTube, vimeo, mp3s hosted on miscellaneous sites, radio broadcasts, TV broadcasts, videos hosted on various small websites, etc. I would like to compile all this content into a playlist that is (relatively) accessible to visually impaired people with an internet connection.

I seek a service where one can go to a certain link and a playlist of all this heterogeneous content begins to play (perhaps after a few clicks). Currently, my visually impaired audience can read the bibliography with a screen reader, and COULD click on each audio link, but it would be great to have everything in one place.

This is intended for just a couple dozen people--the link doesn't need to persist for a long time or tolerate a lot of clicks.

Any ideas? Thank you very much.
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You mean you want a website with a list of links and the user clicks, say, link #4 and a youtube video plays, and when the video ends, the mp3 at link #5 automatically plays, and then the video on some obscure website linked as #6 plays, and so on?
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Response by poster: Yes!
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