What is this 70s-80s comic strip I remember?
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I have a memory of a comic story I read when I was a kid (late-70s-mid-80s). The plot was something about an alien pilot coming out of a spaceship and a scene where he shed his space suit. It was a bulky power armor type suit, but it revealed he was a frail old man or just very withered being.

He offers something to another person, perhaps a "savage" and, if I recall, gets murdered for his trouble. It's the scene of him exiting the spacesuit revealing a frail withered body that I recall the most. The story is short, maybe 2-3 pages, and I remember it being wordless except for maybe narration.

I didn't read much Marvel or DC, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything like that. From what I recall, it was in black and white, and was more in the vein of Heavy Metal type euro comics, though, I didn't really read those either. I'm thinking it was maybe some kind of a backup strip in some magazine about UFOs or something.

I did read The Rook, a B&W comic from Warren Publications, and I've looked through issues of that to see if maybe it was from there, but didn't find anything.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Sounds kind of like "To Meet The Faces You Meet" by Strnad and Corben, published in Fever Dreams in the 70's
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