Help me replace my camera bag
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So, I have been using a Tamrac Velocity 6 for the last decade or more as my quick camera bag. The front clip crumbled in my hands in the woods last night, and I don't see an easy way of replacing the clip. Also, I'm having some trouble finding a good replacement for the bag.

It is absolutely perfect for my needs. It holds my DSLR and typically one extra lens, plus extra memory cards and batteries. A replacement would have to have:

1. A clip holding the front flap down. Clips are fast, zippers are slow, bind up and break. But 99% of the bags I see today use zippers. Crumpler seems to make some bags with clips but the Crumpler inventory situation in the States these days is really confusing... all their products seem to be either coming or going. Manfrotto sells one with a clip as well but it has reviews indicating that it's poorly made.

2. Comfortable padded cross-shoulder strap that allows the bag to quickly be moved to the front of my body, sling style.

3. Some structure to the bags outside and a padded interior for holding the camera equipment safely.

I'd like to pay less than, say, $125 or so.

Does anyone have a recommendation?
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At the top end of your price range, or just a bit over, are Think Tank Speed Convertable bags. Perhaps one of these would work? Think Tank make a large variety of bags, so perhaps you can find something there. The quality is extremely good.

Searching for "tamrac velocity" on ebay shows me many bags for sale, at some pretty good prices.
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There doesn't seem to be anything special about the clip itself; you can buy quick-release/parachute buckles and nylon webbing for a few bucks at any fabric store. I'll bet a luggage repair place could replace the buckle and / or strap for less than $125.
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It would be helpful to know what size lens you want to be able to keep on your body in the bag. If you're using a 70-200mm or larger, that will rule out some options.

But off the top of my head, check out Lowepro, as they have a number of options with clips. I have a messenger bag from them that I like and meets the clip requirement but is designed for two extra lenses so probably larger than what you're looking for. The Adventura II might be what you're looking for.
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Yes if you like that bag replacing the clip is simple and cheaper than a new one. The easy way is to pay a pro to do it. In addition to luggage repair shops, some cobblers and tailors may go for it, ask around.

I’m thinking around $40 should do it, but a lot depends on your market.
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I dropped in to recommend the crumpler X million dollar home bags (I have seen your stock issue comment, could it be that they're releasing a new one?) for two reasons. They wear really well and have a great velcro or buckle option. If you can source one from Amazon or something it's totally worth every dollar. I have the middle sized one and it very nicely does exactly what you're describing.
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Response by poster: What I ended up doing was just buy another of the exact same bag on eBay. $16. Will see how long it lasts.
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