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I'd like to get some gloves for the winter. But I am a person that 'runs hot' and its pretty easy for me to get frustrated with gloves or elastic cuffs on jackets. I'd like light gloves, maybe fingerless, that don't have any decoration and will last for a long time, but keep my hands warm while I'm carrying groceries or riding my bike.

I'm in Seattle and will just be using these as I commute on the bus and walk around the city, and some casual bike riding. I am particular about cuffs. I get heat rashes on my wrists just from wearing nitrile gloves for 15+ mins. I'm willing to spend a bit for gloves that I can keep around for a while and not throw them off in itchy frustration.
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I recommend driving gloves. They don't have the cuff and they're fairly lightweight. Edited to add a sample link.
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I've had good experiences with these liner gloves.
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I've had these cashmere lined gloves for three years now. Nice and soft with no itchiness. Also light and thin, so they're not very warm, but should work for your use cases.
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I use these merino glove liners for this purpose. They don't have a cuff. My fingernails tend to cut through the tips after a couple winters, though,

I wear these fingerless handwarmers in my cold office but they are longer and may be too constricting around your wrist.
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I have these gloves. They're nice and thin and when you want just a little more warmth, you can pull the mitten flap over your fingers.
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