Damn you.
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Name that tune in only two words.

There's a duet that I've heard on the radio while driving that I really like, but I can only remember the repeated chorus "Damn you." That is not enough for a Google dive for me.


  • I probably heard it on Boston stations WERS (88.9) or The River (98.5). I listen to WERS slightly more, but the song's infrequency is aslightly better match to The River. It would fit either channel's programming. Probably heard it first this spring or summer, but I'm not certain. Definitely heard it again in the past month, triggering a mental "Oh, I'll remember the wrods this time!" that failed to help me remember the words.
  • The song is a duet, or nearly so, with the male voice doing more of the singing. Or at least the male voice is more memorable?
  • The song takes the form of ways the other half of the duet has changed their life, followed by the phrase "Damn you." If I could remember any of them I'd be able to solve this problem myself, but the attitude is things like "I used to be happy alone, damn you." But in a positive way. It is a positive song, a love song.

    I'm certain one of you will know the song I'm talking about. It's just driving me nuts because I can't find it.
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    Come back from San Francisco?
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    Lady Antebellum, "Damn You Seventeen"?
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    The only one that comes to mind is Prince singing Damn U - it's just him singing but it does sound as if a woman is singing in a few places.
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    Air Traffic Controllers "What you do to my Soul"
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    YES! THANK YOU. (Everyone go listen now.)
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