Things to do in Ashland, Oregon in November?
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Due to changing work schedules and other mix-ups, my spouse and I are visiting Ashland, Oregon this weekend instead of in the summer as we'd planned. So no Shakespeare Festival for us -- but we're excited to explore Ashland. What should we see this weekend?

We've always wanted to see Crater Lake, which is a bit of a drive from Ashland, but it looks really snowy and hard to drive to, and the "winter" Crater Lake activities seem to start after we'll have visited.

Good food, interesting sights, hiking, etc.? We love hiking, local history, food, wine, beer, nature, books.
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I haven't been, but there are hot springs near there.
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Does Crater Lake have snow already? I would probably still attempt the trip over there. The sights are beautiful, but there really isn't that much to do at Crater Lake; drive around the Rim, visit the few old lodges, stop at the view points, and take the boat ride. You should be able to do all of that except for the boat ride.

Medford has an In-and-Out burger if you find that exciting.
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Looks like the Crater Lake Rim Drive is already closed for the winter, but don't let that stop you from going to the park - it's amazingly beautiful no matter whether you can drive the whole rim or not. The visitor center is open year-round, and the views from there and that area are pretty amazing.
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I have family in Ashland and usually go up a few times a year (we are actually heading up Thursday for a wedding). We tend to mostly eat nice meals, get drinks at one of the local bars, and look in all the shops. There's a nice park right off the main drag, Lithia Park, that makes for a nice nature walk. Crater Lake is definitely worth the drive if the road is open. We take in the views and then get drinks and appetizers or a meal at the lodge. Another option is to hike up Table Rock, or go hiking around one of the local lakes. Oh, and pop over to Jacksonville if you have time, it's a cute historic town but a very quick trip.
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