World best degree in drama or arts therapy?
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I want to study at one of the best institutions for drama or creative arts therapy anywhere around the world. I am thinking initially Masters degree but I'm not sure I have the required prerequisites so also interested in undergraduate. Looking in US, UK or Australia primarily but open to anywhere in the world that teaches in English. How do I go about finding the ranking of such degrees? Thanks.
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NYU has a very good drama school.
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You might want to clarify -- are you looking for "drama therapy or creative arts therapy" or "creative arts therapy or drama"? Because I think you're about to get a bunch of recommendations for pure drama schools, and I'm not sure that's what you're actually looking for.
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Regarding Drama Therapy, the California Institute of Integral Studies has a well respected program. An ex of mine went out there to study drama therapy and is enjoying it. If you're interested or have questions, MeMail me and I can put you in touch.

I remember that she narrowed it down to CIIS and Kansas State and mentioned that there weren't many programs to choose from.
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