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I want to become different characters with different voices, for a musical piece I'm writing.

I'm researching voice changing apps. Most are novelty voices, which I'm not interested in. I want my voice to become a child's, a very old woman's, a man's, etc., just to differentiate characters by age.

I could either do this via an app that has pre-sets or I could learn how to change the actual timbre of voices and do this via a more complicated audio program. I have Ableton available, for example.

So if you happen to know of any very good voice changing software, that would be great, OR "formulas" for changing the output of my voice to sound like different people after I speak and sing.

I could do this on my PC, my iPad, or my Android phone, but I don't have a Mac.

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I don't have any specific experience in this area but you might have better luck searching for formant shifting and pitch shifting apps/plugins rather than voice changers. Something like autotune or melodyne would probably do what you need.
A quick google search also turned up the Little AlterBoy plugin by Sound Toys which seems pretty close to what you are looking for.
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