Real (Tie-It-Yourself) Bow Ties for a Three Year Old?
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My three-year-old son is going to be in a wedding (he's the ring bearer, as he'd be the first to admit), and I want to buy him a real, tie-it-yourself (not clip-on or pre-tied) bow tie. Where can I them for sale online?
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Bow Tie Club has a couple of tie-your-own patterns in a variety of kids sizes, but it looks like all of their solid color ties are clip-on. Since all their kids ties are made to order anyway, it might be worth it to contact them and ask if they can make a custom kid size tie.
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You might contact the fine people at Knotty, as they make a ton of cool bow ties and do custom orders. I know they make pret-tied in kids' sizes but they might be willing to make a regular one, too.
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My somewhat preppy (alas!) son swears by Vineyard Vines bowties.

They have a kids' selection.
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OP, functional ties on kids are considered hazardous.
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Bow ties are meant to be highly adjustable already. You could take a smaller adult bow tie and cut it to length without any issue (they're normally adjustable down to ~14 inch neck without any modifications). Then you could join the pieces, possibly with velcro or some other quick release, if you are worried about the safety issue. (That document calls them "high risk" and "not reccomended", it doesn't say never.) There are million smaller adult styles to choose from.
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While their kids’ ties are also pre-tied (unless perhaps you go custom), the bowtie specialists at The Cordial Churchman make spectacular products.
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