Because it seems inhospitable to let my guest's car get tagged and towed
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I live in the Junction Triangle area in Toronto, between Lansdowne and Dundas West. There is no parking spot attached to my house and there is no street parking directly in front of my house because there's a bus stop next door. If I should have a car-owning guest to stay overnight/a few days/a week, what relatively convenient and economical neighbourhood parking options are there for him or her?
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You go to the city website which links to here and purchase a temporary on-street permit. 24 hours is about $10 I think, and there's a 48 hour rate that's a bit cheaper. The week long permit is a actually a pretty good deal in comparison. You'll also find a map that defines the area you're permitted to park. You'll need a printer.
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Seconding bonobo. The city permits are easy and they work.
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Oh, thank you! I had no idea that there were temporary street permits or that it would be so easy to get one -- I do have a printer.
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Are there commercial parking lot options nearby for my guests to use in the event that there aren't street parking permits available?
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While tagged and towed isn’t awesome, the parking ticket for non-permitted parking isn’t crazy, and they won’t tow on a residential street for non-permitted parking. Not ideal, but just offering to pay their ticket in a pinch isn’t the worse case ever.

For context though, I used to live close to there and I never got rejected for a temporary permit.
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I've never had a problem getting a permit either and the area I always get it for is College and Ossington, which is pretty busy on weekends.
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